Brixham and Dartmoor

I had two days in Brixham, near Torquay and Dartmoor recently. I am hugely fond of the moor, having spent many a family holiday there as child. It’s a truly wild place and so peaceful. I couldn’t resist having lunch at the Warren House inn, the best pub in the U.K (fact) where I devoured are rather good burger with a wonderful view.

Brixham was a challenge. I was painting Broadsands beach for a commission, but the sun was in the “wrong place” when I arrived, so I had to wait all day for it to swing around. But swing around it did and cast a wonderful warm glow across the beach. I painted fast and managed to get it finished with about ten minutes to spare before the sun disappeared over the horizon. I rather enjoy those panicky moments.

I experienced an impromptu  style change on Dartmoor for some reason and decided to go with it. It happens sometimes and in this instance, helped me considerably as the sun was in, out, in, out, making things rather difficult to capture in my usual way. I love how the roads look on Dartmoor. There are so few of them that they carve a wonderful snaking line through the landscape, so I decided to make it part of the composition.

Here’s the paintings!



Hengistbury head, Old Harry Rocks, Brownsea Island

I had a wonderful three day trip to Dorset recently and painted at Hengistbury Head, Old Harry Rocks, Brownsea Island and Poole Harbour. The weather was absolutely perfect, almost freakishly so. I got a ton of work done and explored a couple of new spots, while going back to some old ones. Here’s a pic of a piece. You can see the rest of them in the coast galleries on this website, or watch the episode of Thoughts on Painting that I filmed over the three days. Click here to watch it.

Same spot for 12 hours

I recently got stuck into a small project that had been on my mind for a few years – painting on one spot from dawn until dusk. I set up in the avon gorge, as I know the spot well and feel comfortable there. I didn’t get the clear skies that I wanted, which was a shame as you really need to sun to track the passage of time over a full day, but I still had fun. Here’s some pics of the work.

Thoughts on Painting – Episode 11 Port Talbot, Wales – March 2017

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize

I popped down (up?) to London yesterday for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize which was being held at the Mall Galleries. It was packed in there and I heard they had received a record number of over 2000 entries. 105 paintings were selected, so I was very fortunate to be among them. I took some pics with my new fish-eye lens which was fun. Huge congratulations to the prize winners, but my favourite painting of the show went unrewarded, a wonderful urban landscape by Paul Newland called “The Line into town” brilliant painting.

Here be pics.

Paul Newland – “The Line into town”

Dawn & Dusk

I’ve become fascinated with the golden hour, at both dawn and dusk. It’s a magic time when light does wonderful things and in winter, it’s not too tough to get up in the morning to catch it 😉

I’ve focussed on the Avon Gorge and suspension bridge because its just such a perfect spot to watch the light effects play out. There’s also one of Lockleaze, a great spot I found on an empty road in suburban Bristol. I hope you like them!







New Bristol Paintings

I’ve been hard at work with a new series of Bristol paintings. This time of year has my favourite quality of light, soft, subtle and with the sun at a low angle for much of the day. Lovely.

I’ve focussed on the avon gorge, the clifton suspension bridge and Underfall yard in the floating harbour.

Please do enquire if any are of interest.


Avon Gorge, high tide with blue sky and clouds, November – Oil on Board – 12 x 10 in


Avon Gorge, twilight October – Oil on Board – 12 x 10 in


Clifton Suspension Bridge, contre jour, November – Oil on Board – 18 x 8″ 46 x 20cm


Jogger and car on the Downs, misty day, November – Oil on Board – 10 x 8 in


Looking South down the Avon Gorge from the Downs, soft light – Oil on Board – 12 x 10 in


Sunset over Underfall Yard, November – Oil on Board – 10 x 8 in


Sunset over Underfall Yard, November – Oil on Board – 12 x 10 in

New London Paintings

I’ve been working on some large paintings of London in the studio recently, painting Camden Lock, Piccadilly and Bond Street in London. I’ve painted each location before on a small scale, but really wanted to do something larger, as those scenes all have something bold enough to carry over well on a large scale.


Camden High Street, September – Oil on board – 30 x 18 in


Camden Lock Bridge – Oil on board – 30 x 13 in


Big clouds over Bond Street, September – Oil-on-Board – 30 x 18 in


Traffic cone in the City – Oil on Board – 14 x 12 in

RWA Autumn Show

My painting Eastville Roundabout, light rain, October has been selected for the RWA Autumn open exhibition. Pop in to see my painting and the full show, which runs from 9 Oct – 27 Oct – RWA Bristol.


National Open Art Competition

I found out today that my painting “Studio corner with smart phone” has been selected for the National Open Art Competition which is marvellous news.

Studio corner with smart phone



The Exhibition

NOA is privileged to be invited to show the 20th National Open Art Exhibition in the heart of The City of London at Mercers’ Hall. The Mercers’ Company is the Premier Livery Company of the City of London. The Exhibition will take place from the 27 October – 4 November with Free Admission.




20 August – 31 August 2016

Open 10am to 5pm daily

including Monday 22 August during the Festival

Please note Normal Castle Admissions Apply

Alongside all the great happenings of the Arundel Festival there is also The Arundel Gallery Trail

Solo Show Private View

We had the private view of my solo show last night at Panter & Hall and it was a really lovely evening. So nice to see all the work hung in one space, Matthew and Tiffany did a great job on the hang as there was, ahem, quite a few paintings…

Meeting buyers is always really interesting and rewarding as you get to hear the reason behind the sales. Some people grew up in the place I painted, some went to school nearby, others had good memories of holidays in the area. Each reason was unique and interesting and makes doing the work all the more special, knowing that it’s keeping peoples good memories alive.

The show runs until the 24th June, so still time to catch it.

Here’s some pics of the evening.

panter_Panorama1_smallIMG_0003 IMG_0005

London Solo Show


London Solo Show – Coast to Capital

Panter & Hall Gallery

15th – 24th June


I am delighted to announce my first solo show in London at Panter & Hall gallery entitled “Coast to Capital”

I will be showing 67 paintings in total with the show being split between paintings of London and the South West coast. Locations include the Thames, Camden, The City, Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. I will also be showing 7 Still lifes/interiors on a much larger scale.

To view the full catalogue of all paintings, including prices, please click HERE.

Thank you for supporting my career thus far, I have been building up to a show like this for 4 years I’m really looking forward to it.

Here’s a few samples from the show.


1 4 14x12 3

Summer News

I haven’t posted regularly in a while, mostly due to laziness, but also because I feel that between my YouTube channel – Thoughts on Painting and Twitter, I was saying everything I would have wanted to say here. Apologies if you don’t use Twitter or YouTube, but it’s a lot of work to maintain 5 different social media platforms when you add in Facebook, my newsletter and this blog.

So what’s been going on recently? My painting “Blast of last light, Bristol Downs, December” has been selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which is excellent news. It was one of those pieces where a moment happens and you have a very short amount of time to grab it. I loved doing that piece and it’s one of the few times I’ve managed to capture a very low and bright sun, so I’m very pleased to have it exhibited at the RA.

The Summer Exhibition runs from 13 June – 21 August

Blast of last light, Bristol Downs, December

The New English Art Club annual exhibition is also coming up soon, 16-25 June if memory serves. I have two Still life paintings in the show and am up for election again this year. Fingers crossed for that.

Studio corner with smart phone Studio with imac and air filter – Oil on Linen – 30 x 30 in 76 x 76 cm

Jamaica Street open studios is also imminently approaching, where I will be opening my studio and showing a variety of plein airs from the coast and also some local scenes of Bristol and Bath. Do come along, it’s always a great weekend. 10-12 June.

The Lighthouse, Bracelet Bay, Mumbles - Oil on Board - 18 x 8 in 45 x 20 cm Three Cliffs
Worm's Head, Rhossili- Oil on board - 18 x 8%22 45 x 20 cm


That’s all for now. I’m off on holiday for 3 weeks on the 16th, so don’t expect any new paintings for a while, I need a break! I’ll be taking my watercolours with me but I think my 10 month old son may keep me too occupied to get any painting done. We will see 🙂

Thank you for you’re continued support and interest in what I do.

Thoughts on Painting – Episode 6 – Port Isaac, Cornwall

Thoughts on Painting, Episode 5 – Durdle Door, Dorset.

Here’s the nest installment of Thoughts on Painting. It was a bit of  balls-up this week as I forgot/dropped a key piece of equipment and the light was constantly changing.. I did my best!


Tinca Private View

We had a great evening at the Tinca private view, a great turn out and some good sales. Huge thanks to Marianne and Catherine for all their efforts in making it happen. Here’s some pics.







Show in Tinca Gallery, Portishead

Show in Tinca Gallery, Portishead 1 – 16 April

I have a solo show coming up at Tinca Gallery in Portishead. The show will feature around 15 paintings of Bristol and the surrounding coast, all painted en plein air. The private view will run from 6:30pm – 8:30pm Friday the 1st of April (yes, that’s April fools day!) I’ll be there in the gallery if you’d like to meet me and ask me any questions. The show runs until the 16th April.

Prices range from £475 – £725

I look forward to seeing you.

Oldbury Power Station and the Severn Way, December Sunburst on the downs, November The Old Severn Bridge, December

Thoughts on Painting, Episode 4 – Cornwall

Episode 4 of Thoughts on Painting is now live on YouTube. In this episode I paint in Bude, Widemouth and Boscastle over a gloriously sunny two days. I also review an award-winning pasty.


Finished Interior studio painting discussion

I wanted to share a few thoughts on my finished interior painting of my studio, so here’s a video.


Thoughts on Painting

I’ve launched a new YouTube channel called “Thoughts on Painting” which follows me, day-in-the-life style on my regular plein air trips to London and around the South West. I bought a GoPro video camera recently which is all kinds of fun. I strap the camera to my head or chest and the incredibly wide angle lens captures everything! Watch me complete full paintings on the spot, interact with the public and mull over different aspects of painting in each 30-45 minute episode.