1000 decisions

How many brush strokes went into your last painting? Each one a tiny decision, be it subconscious, deliberate, or happy accident. How wonderful to create a visual record of a silent, internal thought process.

Time-lapse films of paintings being painted are a wonderful thing to behold. Frantic in their sped-up appearance, they take us on journey rarely seen. Like a “making of” DVD extra, we get a glimpse behind the curtain to watch how the sausage gets made. In a way, this ruins the magic – knowing how a trick is done is fascinating, we yearn for an explanation, but there’s often a part of us that regrets finding out. Part of the pleasure of viewing a painting is the sheer bafflement of “How did they DO that?!”

People often assume painting to be a relaxing pursuit. It rarely is, if ever. There’s a certain transcendent bliss to be found when working “in the zone” consumed by creative tunnel vision and unaware of your surroundings, but acute concentration is never relaxing. You’re tuned in, not tuned out. Thinking, planning, making decision No. 987. The relaxation comes after, combined with satisfaction of a job well done and a day not wasted.