If you have an area in mind that means a lot to you and that you would like me to paint, please let me know. I like to choose the actual painting spots myself, as not all viewpoints make for good paintings, but I am keen for requests on specific areas to work in. My preference is Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and South Wales as these are “local” to me, so locations such as The lake District and Scotland would be off the table unless I pre planned a longer trip there. I’ll let you all know via my newsletter (sign up!) if I have one planned further afield so you can put your requests in.

There is no deposit and no commitment to buy, and if you do buy, my standard 30 day returns policy stands. You’ve nothing to lose, so please make a suggestion. All I ask is that you have a real intention to buy and don’t pick a location so obscure that it would be unlikely that it would appeal to anyone else, as I’ll be painting for one or two days and producing a fair few paintings.

I can also paint your favourite items/possessions. Be it a teddy bear, favourite mug, or just a jar of Marmite. Let me know and I’ll tackle it!

I look forward to you commissioning me!