Brixham and Dartmoor

I had two days in Brixham, near Torquay and Dartmoor recently. I am hugely fond of the moor, having spent many a family holiday there as child. It’s a truly wild place and so peaceful. I couldn’t resist having lunch at the Warren House inn, the best pub in the U.K (fact) where I devoured are rather good burger with a wonderful view.

Brixham was a challenge. I was painting Broadsands beach for a commission, but the sun was in the “wrong place” when I arrived, so I had to wait all day for it to swing around. But swing around it did and cast a wonderful warm glow across the beach. I painted fast and managed to get it finished with about ten minutes to spare before the sun disappeared over the horizon. I rather enjoy those panicky moments.

I experienced an impromptu  style change on Dartmoor for some reason and decided to go with it. It happens sometimes and in this instance, helped me considerably as the sun was in, out, in, out, making things rather difficult to capture in my usual way. I love how the roads look on Dartmoor. There are so few of them that they carve a wonderful snaking line through the landscape, so I decided to make it part of the composition.

Here’s the paintings!